History Of Aethelmearc

The kingdom of Aethelmearc is one of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) domains, an organization focused on recreating the Pre-seventeen century community and culture. Aethelmearc was initially a principality under the East Kingdom – a kingdom under the SCA, between 1989 and 1997. Aethelmearc was officially formed and recognized as a kingdom in the year 1997.

Interesting facts attribute the Kingdom of Aethelmearc. One was how the name Aethelmearc originated and evolved into being. The other is the kingdom’s territory, which is an embodiment of some important cities in the modern-day United States. This article would talk in bits, some of these amazing facts about the modern-day kingdom of Pre-seventeen culture recreated by the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Evolution of the Principality of Aethelmearc

Aethelmearc began as a struggle to become a principality under the East Kingdom in 1975. The kingdom’s battle began with its leadership establishing newsletters to inform and raise conversations between the people. The newsletter, known as Amstel, was used to educate people about the Principality’s workings and everything required to make Aethelmearc, a principality under the East Kingdom. The conversations also dealt with how the Principality will be governed.

A significant conversation that happened was on the determination of the name of the Principality. The name Aethelmearc was not the first one that was decided on. The Principality had initially been named the Principality of the Lakes-, which was rejected because of its potential conflict with the Lake District of England. The name Aethelmearc was finally adopted in September 1989 after several backs and forth, and deliberations between the leadership of the Principality and the people. 

In 1989, a poll was conducted after the Seneschal of the East sent a petition, and the Aethelmearc was recognized and officially became a principality under the East Kingdom.

The Journey to Becoming a Kingdom

In 1993, the Principality began a movement to become a Kingdom of its own. The campaign started with just an expression of intent. However, with time, conscious steps to become a kingdom were made with the proposal of laws. A petition was put forward to the East Kingdom to express the Principality’s intent, and that birthed a poll conducted in 1996. Over 800 members of the Principality wanted the transition into a kingdom, and it became incumbent on the East Kingdom to put machinery in place to make that happen.

The kingdom’s first king and queen were elected, after a Crown Tournament was conducted in September 1997, by the East Kingdom. The first king and queen were Crown Prince Yngvar, who won the Crown tournament, with his bride, Crown Princess Caryl, as the queen. The enthronement of Crown Prince Yngvar began the Kingdom of Aethelmearc. 

After their installation, the kingdom created Peerages and made Kingdom orders of high merit, which were essential titles that shaped the kingdom’s history, governance, and nobility.

Territories and the Mode of Governance

The Kingdom of Aethelmearc is geographically situated in the United States of America. It covers the following places;

  • West Virginia
  • Western Pennsylvania
  • Central and North-Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Western New York 
  • Central New York

These five regions are divided into thirty (30) shires, cantons, and dominions. Dukes govern these shires.

The kingdom of Aethelmearc is headed by a monarch, the king, and the queen. The monarch appoints dukes to govern the shires, cantons, and dominions that fall the kingdom’s territory’s purview. The domain has about 33 officers appointed by the king. These officers are part of the decision making of the empire.

The Pennsic Treaty

An essential part of the Kingdom of Aethelmearc’s history is the Pennsic war. The war was a tradition among the SCA. During the transition of Aethelmearc into a Kingdom, there were fears that it will affect the battle. This was because; the venue (Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands, Principality of Aethelmearc, at Cooper’s Lake Campground) for the event was going to be territory under the new kingdom.

This led to the Pennsic treaty. The treaty was earmarked as part of the conditions precedent needed for the establishment of the kingdom. It allowed the war to continue as at the extended age custom without any interference in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc. 


As of 2021, the Kingdom of Aethelmearc has had forty-six (46) Kings and Queens. By the start of January 2021, the kingdom had been in existence for over 23 years. The domain has had many changes over the years, which included her participation as one of the allies of the East Kingdom in the Pennsic War. Overall, there seems to be a positive assurance that Aethelmearc would grow in territory and allies.

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